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Rediscover our top 5 blogs of 2022

2022 has been a year of environmental milestones, in a world faced with climate change and biodiversity loss. Rediscover our top 5 blogs from 2022 to learn more on a range of topics including ‘green water’, pandemic recovery, Norway’s environmental performance, and the environmental… Continue Reading “Rediscover our top 5 blogs of 2022”

Rediscover our top 5 blogs of 2021

1. The price of plastic waste and solutions to turn the tide By Stefanos Fotiou, ESCAP, and Anthony Cox, OECD Environment Directorate This blog examines solutions to deal with the eight million tonnes of plastic that will end up in the world’s oceans every year,… Continue Reading “Rediscover our top 5 blogs of 2021”

Let’s choose to challenge the climate crisis with a gender lens

By Sigita Strumskyte, Dimitra Xynou, Amelia Smith and Shanda Moorghen, OECD Environment Directorate On 8 March, the world will observe International Women’s Day under the theme #ChooseToChallenge. It is a day to recognise achievements, spread awareness and strengthen commitments to creating more inclusive societies,… Continue Reading “Let’s choose to challenge the climate crisis with a gender lens”

2021: Adaptation comes to the fore

By Catherine Gamper and Nicolina Lamhauge, OECD Environment Directorate We entered 2021, full of hope that the approval of COVID-19 vaccines would bring some respite from the crisis brought about by the pandemic. With manufacturing delays, unequal access and delays in the roll-out of… Continue Reading “2021: Adaptation comes to the fore”

Harnessing nature to tackle the climate emergency

By Mikaela Rambali and Catherine Gamper, OECD Environment Directorate While the term “nature-based solutions” may have been coined relatively recently, communities worked with nature’s strengths to enhance societal resilience long before modern civilisation. For example, the Aztecs developed an agro‐hydrological system, known as the… Continue Reading “Harnessing nature to tackle the climate emergency”

Is the COVID-19 crisis spurring a transition to net-zero emissions in the oil and gas sector?

By Andrew Prag and Guy Halpern, OECD Environment Directorate Almost all economic sectors have suffered due to the evolving COVID-19 crisis. For the oil and gas industry, already battered on one side by low prices due to an oil price war between Russia and… Continue Reading “Is the COVID-19 crisis spurring a transition to net-zero emissions in the oil and gas sector?”

COVID-19 and the looming plastics pandemic

By Frithjof Laubinger and Nikhil Varghese, Circular Economy and Waste Team, OECD Environment Directorate During the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, the city was dealing with more than 240 tons of medical waste a day, a six-fold increase over the amount being… Continue Reading “COVID-19 and the looming plastics pandemic”

Carbon tax, emissions reduction and employment: Some evidence from France

By Damien Dussaux, PhD, Environmental Economist, OECD Environment Directorate In September 2019 the French Parliament adopted a law on energy and climate which enshrines into French law the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050, in line with the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Carbon neutrality… Continue Reading “Carbon tax, emissions reduction and employment: Some evidence from France”

Why is the OECD looking at the environment?

By Anthony Cox, Deputy Director, OECD Environment Directorate Usually, the most interesting questions come out of left field. During the question and answer session at a conference on sustainable infrastructure last year, a young audience member asked the question: “Why is the OECD, an… Continue Reading “Why is the OECD looking at the environment?”