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Feux de forêt en Europe : Vont-ils devenir la norme ? 

Ce blog a été initialement publié le 22 juillet 2022 sur la page Linkedin OECD Environment ainsi que sur notre blog Environment Focus. Les données ont été mises à jour pour refléter l’évolution de la situation. Catherine Desiree Gamper, Ágnes Szuda et Giulia Bonazzi, Direction de… Continue ReadingFeux de forêt en Europe : Vont-ils devenir la norme ? “

Wildfires in Europe: towards a “new normal”?

This blog was originally posted on 22 July 2022 on the OECD Environment Linkedin page. by Catherine Desiree Gamper, Ágnes Szuda and Giulia Bonazzi, OECD Environment Directorate Amidst record-breaking temperatures, wildfires have been raging across Europe. France’s Gironde region has already seen 19,000 hectares of forest destroyed and… Continue Reading “Wildfires in Europe: towards a “new normal”?”

5 things we learned at the OECD Wildfires Conference

By Catherine Gamper and Lisa Danielson, Climate Change Adaptation Team, OECD Environment Directorate It has been another unusually mild winter in Europe, with January and February feeling more like the beginning of spring. At the same time, summer in the Southern Hemisphere could not… Continue Reading “5 things we learned at the OECD Wildfires Conference”